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Thanks for considering requesting a customized order with us! Let yourself go and fulfill this form so that we can design the dress you have always dreamed of!
Our prices for personalizaed dresses range from 600€ on. As first step a 100€ deposit should be done through Paypal and a design of the dress will be sent within two weeks. We usually send one or two sketches with the possibility of rectifying them until you think it is your perfect dress.
The rest of the payment will be done through Paypal. If the order is higher than 600€, you can make two payments, half before starting our work on the dress, and the rest, when it is finished and before proceeding to the shipment.
Once the order is over we will send you some photos. When we receive the first payment, you will be provided with instructions to measure yourself on your own easily.
The average time that will take us to manufacture a customized dress ranges from 1 to 3 months, it will also depend on the workload we have at that time.
Three payments will be accepted as long as your order is higher tan 1.500€.

The more details you provide about how you would like the dress, the easier it will be for us to create a concept to design your perfect dress!!
Feel free to include as many details as you like, like for example flowers, shells, crystals etc…
the colours you like, kind of fabric, type of cut, sort of dress (sheer, ethereal, with corset, medieval touch, etc…).
Perhaps, you may prefer your design to be inspired on a character, concept, period, etc…
Together with your idea you can also attach photos or links.
Fulfill and send this form and we will send you our budget as soon as possible.

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