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A samle sale of our Meiga dress.This dress has been used in photoshoots. Ready to ship.

-Meigas are the famed witches of Galicia, a region in the north of Spain, famous for its ancient forests, its mysticism and its rituals. The word meiga derives from the Latin magicus. Meigas can be good or evil, ugly or stunningly beautiful.
The popular Galician expression, Eu non creo nas meigas, más habelas hainas; (also used in Spanish Yo no creo en las brujas, mas haberlas, haylas; – I don’t believe in witches, but they exist), is said to encapsulate the balance in the Galician character between practicality, incredulity and mysticism.

-Cape: Made of fake suede fabric (extra large hood with double fabric so that it´s not seen a hem at the edges. Metallic leaf-shaped clasp.
-Skirt: Adjustable long skirt made of fake suede fabric.
-Shirt: 100% cotton with fine lace at the edges of the sleeves
-Adjustable corset: Brown and gold brocade with metal eyelets in the front and polyester boning stitched at the seams.

-This is a dress of medieval inspiration, the cape and the skirt do not have a hem to give a more realistic appearance and is designed so expressly.

-Size: Adjustable to S/L

-Skirt long: 39,5 inches
Cape long: 51 inches (from the base of the neck).

-Perfect for renaissance festivals or medieval weddings.

-Ready to ship.


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